Leticia and Jason – Wedding

I met Jason a couple of years ago when I was looking to take Turkish lessons, to help with an upcoming photography project in Turkey. (He is an excellent, excellent teacher, by the way!) Although I did not know it at the time, Turkey played an important role in how he met his future wife, Leticia. Leticia and Jason met in Istanbul, several years ago, while both were studying in the city. Many elements of their wedding celebration paid tribute to their shared history in the country: their wedding officiants were a couple who also met on the same trip in Istanbul; the reception featured delicious Turkish food; and a group of musicians entertained guests with traditional Turkish music. The celebration was a lovely slice of Turkish culture in the midst of Oakland, as the wedding ceremony took place at Joachin Miller Park. Leticia and Jason said their vows in front of the Woodminster Cascade — a gorgeous location with stunning views of the bay. In addition to family and friends, the couple’s two adorable dachshund dogs played an important role in the celebration. Congratulations to Leticia and Jason!

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